Custom Crochet Blanket

Custom Crochet Blanket

This product page is for ordering a custom crochet blanket.


Baby (39" square) ~ $80

Twin/Full (53x75") ~ $150

Queen (60x80") ~ $225

King (76/78x80" ~ $300


Color chart is found in the photo gallery. I will reach out to you when I receive your order, to confirm the details.


I use Paintbox yarns when the client has not specified a brand. If you would prefer another brand, please let me know the brand name/colors in an email after ordering. Note that the price of the item may change depending on the brand of yarn you want me to use.


Half of the cost of the blanket is due up front and is to be paid via Paypal invoice. The remaining half is to be paid upon receipt of the finished blanket.


Minimum 8 weeks to create your custom blanket.


Please see shipping info below - shipping can run as high as $40 USD for a king size blanket and is an additional cost after it has been completed.


General shipping rates:

Baby size blanket ~ $10 shipping

Twin/Full blanket ~ $15 shipping

Queen blanket ~ $20-30 shipping, depending on weight

King blanket ~ $30-40 shipping, depending on weight


    Because this is a custom item, blankets are non-refundable when completed and shipped to the client.

    I will send you regular updates with pictures as your blanket progresses, so that you can make changes if you want to.


    I use recycled shipping supplies when able.

    I ship USPS when possible. A king size blanket may weigh up to 20 pounds and may run as high as $40. Additional invoices for shipping will be sent as soon as the total is known.